• September 1997
    My husband Herbert and I buy our first Tibetan Terrier bitch Meloh from a breeder in Switzerland. Meloh is very mistrustful of strangers and can be downright difficult. Within the family, however, she is everyone’s favourite. Our four children, too, are thrilled and so the foundation for Tibetan Terriers is laid in our home.

  • October 2007
    By chance Herbert reads on the Internet about a “Rescue” dog belonging to a family from Görlitz near Dresden. For health reasons the owners are looking for a new home for their young Tibetan Terrier which has been living with them for just two months. When we see the first photo of Reilly, it is immediately obvious: this 5-month-old dog belongs with us. We meet Anne and Klaus Franke with their Tibetan Terrier in Münchberg. For Reilly and me it is love at first sight! Thanks to Reilly we get to meet his breeder Ina Kuhls from Neuenhagen near Berlin. We have been very close friends ever since.

  • May 2008
    In order to find a canine companion for Reilly we meet Ina Kuhls in Neuenhagen. We decide on Taro from the breeder K’a-dag Lamleh. From that day on and for more than 7 years the two dogs are inseparable.
  • May 2015
    So-nam, our third Tibetan Terrier from the breeder K’a-dag Lamleh, joins our household. He has no easy ride with our two elder gentlemen. Nonetheless he maintains his happy disposition and remains to the present day the sunshine in our lives. A short while later we have to bid a fond farewell to Reilly. The idea of acquiring another puppy and member of the family is not long in taking shape.

  • September/October 2016
    Following contacts with various breeders we focus our attention on Tibetan Terriers from Slovenia. On 14th October we travel to Mozirje and visit the breeders Ci Ni Tag-Tu and Radegundska.

  • 4th December 2016
    The great day has arrived: we can collect Targye from the breeder Katka Kranjc in Radegunda and travel with him back to Switzerland. Since then Targye has lived at our home in Eichberg (Eastern Switzerland) in a rural environment.



 In pride of place amongst Targye’s friends are:

  • His mistress Gabriela
  • His master Herbert
  • So-nam, our Tibetan Terrier from the breeder K’a-dag Lamleh (born 2015)
  • Taro, our Tibetan Terrier from the breeder K’a-dag Lamleh (born 2008)
  • Diva, our Norwegian Forest cat (born 2004)
  • Star, Moon, Sunny and Heaven, our alpacas which live on our extensive plot of land

We have a close friendship with Targye's breeder Katka Kranjc. We are thankful that she has entrusted us with this puppy and we are very proud of our great Targye.