Jasna Poznic administered the Wendy Volhard Personality Test to the 7-week-old puppy. During the test Targye displayed a very sociable, extremely stable, interested, inquisitive and yet calm disposition. Jasna Poznic was convinced that Targye could one day become an outstanding agility dog. This capability, along with many others, has been confirmed – Targye is nowadays a real all-rounder with diverse interests:


  • Cross-country trekking (Hunde-Military)
  • Agility
  • Dog Shows at home and abroad
  • Positive Dog Training with Frauke Neum
  • Walks
  • Travel by car or train
  • Rounds of Golf
  • City trips with overnight hotel stays
  • And most recently: Photo shoots with child model Jaan


Targye enjoys participating in all these activities, acquits himself well and always behaves himself immaculately.