Targye opens our eyes to a completely new view of the world of the Tibetan Terrier. Thanks to his native origins he has a very stable, fearless disposition. He loves long walks and trips of any kind. Whether hills, sea, sand, snow, cold or sun – Targye is always ready to participate with loads of enthusiasm and energy.


  • 11.9.2016
    Targye Kanze Gyantso Radegundski comes into the world in Radegunda Mozirje, Slovenia. His parents are Yiga Kanze von Rombon (Mother), bred by Primoz Peer, and Jangmai Gyantso (Father), bred by Tatjana Sirocic at Ci Ni Tag-Tu (see Pedigree).

  • October 2016
    On 14th October we travel to Mozirje and visit the breeders Ci Ni Tag-Tu and Radegundska. After staying for 3 days in Mozirje we decide on the puppy Targye Kanze Gyantso Radegundski. So we return to Switzerland with apart of both breeders’ establishments.

  • 4.12.2016
    Finally we are able to collect the 12-week-old Targye from the breeder Katka Kranjc in Radegunda and travel with him back to Switzerland. Since then Targye has lived at our home in Eichberg (Eastern Switzerland) together with a further two Tibetan Terriers, a cat and four alpacas, in a rural environment.

  • 1.4.2017
    Targye becomes Junior Champion at the Lake Constance Tibet Dog Show.

  • 10.2.2018
    Targye becomes Club Champion 2017 (Best in Junior Class) at the Tibet Terrier Club of Switzerland.

  • 18.9.2018
    Targye receives unrestricted breeding permission.




Every dog owner's nightmare


A serious attack by one dog on another dog occurs without any warning. It is attacked and bitten with all its might. This is also called free aggressive behaviour. All visual and acoustic elements of expression are no longer shown: no angry face, no bared teeth, no stiff tail, no bristling neck fur, no growling.... a silent attack with death intent. No energy is wasted. To prevent the victim from running away, preference is given to biting the legs or directly into the soft tissues. An attack on a smaller dog by a dog of a much higher weight class can be fatal (source: Internet).


3/9/2020: On this day we experienced exactly this. A dog weighing 80 kilograms suddenly stood ten meters from our front door, without a leash, without an owner. A quick glance at my two dogs – in a fraction of a second the big dog decided on Targye and silently attacked him. A hopeless situation for Targye and for me too. My dogs on a leash and no chance to help them.


Targye's physical injuries were life threatening. The first five days were almost unbearable for him. Seeing our dearly beloved Targye suffer broke our hearts every day. After two surgeries, he was slowly on the road to recovery. Deep holes in his back from the attacker's canine teeth, cuts, bruises, and a lacerated anus from the attacker's lower jaw. Targye was unable to defecate on his own, and his bowels had to be emptied at the veterinary hospital. A situation you cannot prepare for and that will never leave us.


Three weeks later, we were well on our way. We cared for our Targye as best we could. In addition to all the necessary measures, my husband massaged his swellings and bruises several times a day so that he could move a little better and accompany us on short walks again.


Targye is a fighter. He was never unreasonable, patiently endured his situation and gave his body the rest it needed. He was never angry, neither with us nor with his fellow dogs in the family. We never had to confine or separate him, he trusted us and leaned on us. Not once did he balk at all the doctor visits. Targye and my husband were a team during this difficult time – together they got through every exam and surgery. Today, the two are inseparable.


I am only now writing a post on Targye's website because we are back on good terms today. Targye's wounds have healed well and except for his unusual haircut, there is little apparent damage. He still carries his tail over his back, as it should be for a Tibetan Terrier. His gait is still a bit uneven, but this will surely return to normal. Today I can also post new photos of Targye without hesitation – however, we will not show the horror pictures publicly.


All plans, hopes, goals have changed. Our Targye's health comes first. We will set ourselves new, maybe different goals and always remember that seconds can change life.

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