Targye opens our eyes to a completely new view of the world of the Tibetan Terrier. Thanks to his native origins he has a very stable, fearless disposition. He loves long walks and trips of any kind. Whether hills, sea, sand, snow, cold or sun – Targye is always ready to participate with loads of enthusiasm and energy.


  • 11.9.2016
    Targye Kanze Gyantso Radegundski comes into the world in Radegunda Mozirje, Slovenia. His parents are Yiga Kanze von Rombon (Mother), bred by Primoz Peer, and Jangmai Gyantso (Father), bred by Tatjana Sirocic at Ci Ni Tag-Tu (see Pedigree).

  • October 2016
    On 14th October we travel to Mozirje and visit the breeders Ci Ni Tag-Tu and Radegundska. After staying for 3 days in Mozirje we decide on the puppy Targye Kanze Gyantso Radegundski. So we return to Switzerland with apart of both breeders’ establishments.

  • 4.12.2016
    Finally we are able to collect the 12-week-old Targye from the breeder Katka Kranjc in Radegunda and travel with him back to Switzerland. Since then Targye has lived at our home in Eichberg (Eastern Switzerland) together with a further two Tibetan Terriers, a cat and four alpacas, in a rural environment.

  • 1.4.2017
    Targye becomes Junior Champion at the Lake Constance Tibet Dog Show.

  • 10.2.2018
    Targye becomes Club Champion 2017 (Best in Junior Class) at the Tibet Terrier Club of Switzerland.

  • 18.9.2018
    Targye receives unrestricted breeding permission.
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