The first fantastic highpoint in the life of a stud dog and his owner is the union with a suitable bitch.


We were very happy when we were asked by Caroline Stünzi from Ka Ya Bag if we could imagine a "wedding" of Targye with her bitch Shiwa. With both it was "love at first sight". Probably thanks to his native background Targye knew immediately how to behave and what to do.  After successful mating we looked forward to the birth of puppies from the mating of Yarmothang Da-cha Shiwa and Targye Kanze Gyantso Radegundski on February 25th, 2020 with joyful anticipation.


But unfortunately nature decided differently and probably saved Shiwa's life. On March 4, 2020 the ultrasound examination showed that the foetuses were no longer alive. This news hit us deeply and we are very sad. 


With confidence we look into the future and look forward to further encounters with dog ladies. Please get in contact with us.